Campus da Auga

Campus Auga

Developed by the University of Vigo and supported by the Galician Regional Government, Campus Auga project is an opportunity to turn the Ourense Campus into a frontrunner in water-related issues, broadening its scope of research and innovation and gaining access to sources of finance in order to strengthen its place within the international higher education community and ensure its long-term sustainability.


With water-related issues as its main focus, Campus Auga is intended to imbue the Ourense Campus with a distinct character and scientific identity by forging a university campus capable of broadening its outreach and creating social and economic value in order to encourage regional development in the Province of Ourense.

Mission statement

Campus Auga conduct first-rate teaching, research and transfer activities in the field of integrated water resources management, creating a climate favourable to the exchange of knowledge and competitiveness in the Province of Ourense. The task of Campus Auga is to become a catalyst for creating a multidisciplinary network made up of various organisations involved in research, teaching and technology and knowledge transfer.


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