Be mUVer

A muver is a person that is active, does sports, likes travelling, keeps healthy habits, likes adventure, is competitive, is caring, knows how to work in a team, and looks for happiness every day. What about you? Do you want to be a muver?


All advantages are included in just one membership. The muver membership gives you access to all our cardio-fitness rooms, tennis courts, athletics track, group fitness classes… And to top it off, you have discounts on Sports Schools and activities in nature. The Uvigo community can try it for free with no obligations from September 16th to 30th, January 20th to 31st and May 18th to 30th.

Abono Muver


During the current academic year, we offer different fitness activities and sports schools as well as the possibility to practise your favourite sport on your own in the facilities of the University (the rent of the facilities is free for the Uvigo community). In addition, you can also go to several facilities outside the university thanks to collaboration agreements. These agreements allow us to provide a better and broader offer for the Uvigo community.


Actividades Vigo


Eleven hiking routes are organized throughout the year with different levels of difficulty. It is aimed towards anybody who is interested in physical activity itself or in the knowledge of our natural and archaeological heritage. In many cases, these routes end with cultural, recreational or gastronomical activities, such as magosto. The routes, originally designed for the university community, are available for the general public if there are any vacancies left. Moreover, the university provides a bus to take all participants from the campus to the place of departure and arrival.

Rutas culturais 19-20 Deputacion


The specific programme of activities in an aquatic environment is developed in collaboration with the Campus do Mar and includes an autumn and a spring instalment. The Uvigo community has the opportunity to enjoy aquatic sports for a day on very favourable terms. In addition to the traditional aquatic sports such as rafting, surf, windsurf, kayak+snorkel+route and flyboard; we have included new activities like wakeboard, scuba diving and paddlesurf.

Augaventura outono 2019


University leagues allow all the members of the community to create teams to compete along the academic year in different sports: mixed basketball, mixed handball, women’s and men’s indoor football, mixed seven-a-side football, mixed rugby and mixed volleyball. The competition is divided in two phases: an initial phase, separated by campus, and an intercampus final between the winners of the first phase. The deadline for the inscription in the campus of Vigo is 1st October, and the deadline in Ourense and Pontevedra campuses is 15th October. 

Ligas universitarias 2019-2020

Basket Championship 3x3

Because 3 are not too people, join in the 3X3 basketball tournament that we will celebrate next September 30.The Registration period is until September 25.

Your team can be exclusively male, female or mixed.  Afternoon hours.Check all the information in the following link.

Basketball 3vs3