UVigo transportation measures due to strike in Vigo

UVigo - Communication 08/02/2024

Open Letter to the University Community of the Vigo Campus, As Lagoas, Marcosende

The ongoing strike by Vitrasa's workforce has been causing transportation problems to our campus for some time now. While we fully respect the right of workers to strike, exercising a fundamental right as included in the Spanish Constitution, it leaves us with limited options to address the resulting transport issues. In light of this, our governing body has decided to take some temporary measures to assist students in commuting to campus during this period. These measures will begin on February 14th, right after Carnival, and will continue until the strike concludes:

  • Negotiation to increase the number of buses going to and from campus during peak hours. Currently, the minimum services dictate 50% of the usual buses, and we propose to increase it to 80%. We will keep the community informed of any changes through the university's website.
  • The University will provide two of its own buses to pick up and transport students free of charge at Travesas and Plaza de España stops (at 8:30 a.m., 9:30 a.m., and 10:30 a.m.). The return trip from campus will start at 4:30 p.m. Implementing this measure entails suspending the campus circular service during this period.
  • Carpooling. We encourage those who drive to campus to offer rides to those waiting at the bus stops. 
  • Carpooling apps. The use of a mobile application can be useful for people willing to share rides. The University of Vigo is working to make available, in the coming days, a tool to connect members of our community who offer and book shared trips.

Manuel Joaquín Reigosa Roger