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Visiting research staff

Find here your welcome pack with general information for your life with us

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Arriving at your new home

University card, public transportation, language courses, sports, dining halls, family.


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University Card


Researcher working in a laboratory


Research and advice support

Internet, e-mail & e-services, Ethics in Research, Good Practice in Research, Data protection, Industrial & Intellectual Property, Transfer of knowledge, Open Science & Open Access, Research Service & Resources, Standards & Forms, Careers Development, Training & Continuous Development

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Discover our heritage

Universidade de Vigo. Exploring the cities (Vigo, Ourense and Pontevedra). Galicia

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Cies Islands


Researcher looking at the Campus of Vigo

Time to say goodbye

Before you return home, inform us of your departure date so that we can prepare and email you and your home university your Certificate of Stay

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