Nena coas mans colocadas en forma de lentes sobre os ollos


A university for everybody

The Universidade de Vigo has as a priority, in line with the Agenda 2030, to promote a culture of respect, equality and inclusion, guaranteeing that all the people that make up our community can carry out their academic and work activities with dignity and in a space free of gender violence and maximum respect for the human rights. 

Dúas científicas investigando

Equality at UVigo

The Equality Unit is the responsible political instrument for the transversal incorporation of the principle of effective equality between women and men, with the aim of achieving university excellence. With this objective, we work promoting measures that guarantee equal conditions and monitoring and complying with the legislation and the plans that are adopted in the Universidade de Vigo. 

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Varias rapazas e rapaces miran á cámara e teñen pintadas nas palmas das mans a frase "Non ao acoso"

Against male violence against women

The commitment that we have as a public institution is to consolidade an environment that respect the dignity of all the members of our community, not tolerating any type of sexual or gender-based harassment. 

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Gender perspective in teaching and learning

Teaching with a gender perspective stimulates critical thinking and promotes gender equality. 

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Dúas estudantes con libros no exterior do MTI

Investigadoras na sala anecoica

Gender perspective in research

The gender perspective is a fundamental element in the science and innovation system to promote equality between women and men. 

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Muller con máscara violeta

Chair of Feminisms 4.0 DePo-UVigo

The Chair of Feminisms 4.0 DePo-UVigo born from the collaboration between Deputación de Pontevedra and Universidade de Vigo, to promote equality in the digital space and in the STEM disciplines. 

Campaña Masculinidade concorda con igualdade

Conciliation and co-responsibility

We have resources to facilitate the conciliation of personal, work and family life and promote co-responsibility among the university community.

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Tres mulleres sentadas nunha mesa nunha facultade

Newsletter and resources

Resource section on gender equality in open access.

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