Press office

Established in 1998, the press office of the University of Vigo serves the university community and the media

Spreading information about all the fields of the academic activity in the Campus of Vigo, Ourense and Pontevedra, the press office promotes—via the broadcast of news—the University in the society in which it is contextualized. 


  • Media coverage of the academic, scientific and cultural activities developed in the three campuses. These news are published in the Duvi and in the media.
  • Attention to media requests (written and audiovisual), such as interviews with members of the university community, data requests linked to the institution or images.
  • Preparation of a daily press dossier which includes the news published in local, regional and national journals, directly related to the Universidade de Vigo and to education and research in general.
  • Production of texts for publications edited by the Universidade de Vigo.
  • Advice to the members of the university community in their relation with the media. 


The press office—which consists of professional journalists—meets the demands of the three campuses thanks to the editors who develop their function in each of them as there are specific spaces available in Ourense, Pontevedra and Vigo. 

Currently, the members of the press office are:

  • Head of the press office: M.ª del Carmen Echevarría Figueroa.
  • Journalists in the campus of Vigo: Digna Mar Besadío Rodríguez and María del Río Piñeiro.
  • Journalists in the campus of Ourense: Rosa Tedín Mouzo.
  • Journalists in the campus of Pontevedra: Eduardo Muñiz Rodríguez. 


Press office in the campus of Vigo:
Local B2, Centro Comercial da Cidade Universitaria
. Campus de Vigo
36310 Vigo

+34 986 813 604 | 986 818 762 | 647 343 055


Press office in the campus of Pontevedra:
Casa das Campás, Rúa 
Don Filiberto, n.º 9.
36002 Pontevedra

+34 986 802 047 / 986 802 087


Press office in the campus of  Ourense:
Edificio de Ferro, cuarto andar
. Campus de Ourense.
32004 Ourense

+34 988 368 917


Máis información:

Vicerreitoría de Comunicación e Relacións Institucionais
Edificio Miralles
As Lagoas, Marcosende
36310 Vigo
+34 986 130 222