Connect through a proxy

To consult the magazines and publications that we are subscribers at UVigo from outside the University it is necessary to do it from a proxy.

A proxy is a computer that acts as an intermediary between the connections of a client and a destination server, filtering all packets between the two. This means that when you try to consult a publication that requires subscription, instead of establishing a direct connection between your browser and it, the data will be sent and received through the UVigo proxy, allowing you to access the same content as if you were present on campus.

This service has basic rules of use:

  • The purpose of this service is for members of the university community to use it to access the publications and journals contracted by the Universidade de Vigo and it must not be used for purposes other than this.
  • The use must be normal from a browser and the use of "crawlers" or automatic or massive downloading programs of contents through this service is not allowed. If this type of use is detected by a user, access to this service will be withdrawn.
  • The user and password used are the same as for the email user, therefore the precautions in the use of the password must be the same, and the user must not communicate his/her password to third parties or allow the use of his/her account by other users.
  • If you access from a public computer (cybercafé, public internet classroom, etc.) using this service, you must ensure that when you stop using it, you delete all the existing browser files on the computer you were using, otherwise it may save the user's username and password, which may be used by another person, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
  • In this forwarding server, and in accordance with current legislation, access to certain destination web pages may be filtered in the event that there is sufficient knowledge that the destination page is infringing current legislation, in accordance with the provisions of the "Law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce" (LSSI).
  • This server keeps a register of the requests for pages made to it. This register is kept only to be able to detect and resolve operational problems and to resolve possible security incidents that affect the service. The data in this register is only kept for the time necessary for this use and will only be used for this purpose or to obtain server usage statistics in accordance with the terms indicated in current legislation.


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