Our values

The effort, the creativity, the excellence and the constancy have led us, in these years of activity, to consolidate ourselves as the modern and innovative university that we are.

We are a rigorous, transparent, inclusive institution, committed to diversity and gender equality, respect for the environment and environmental sustainability. With a focus on knowledge transfer and training, research is configured here as the foundation of teaching and as a means for the scientific and cultural development of society. This is who we are, Universidade de Vigo.


1. New and strong

We are a new university, established in 1990, and in constant growth and consolidation. Our commitment to excellence aims to make us an international reference in innovation and basic and applied research.


2. Capable and well managed

We are a university that achieves and maintains excellence and behaves rigorously in compliance with the criteria of transparency in its management.


Financial balance

After several years achieving financial equilibrium, the Universidade de Vigo is the only university in the Galician University System that has achieved a surplus.

Transparent university

In its latest ranking, Dyntra places the Universidade de Vigo as the first Galician public administration and the third most transparent university in Spain.

Quality as a core value

Our objective is to achieve the highest levels of quality. Quality is an essential core commitment to carry out our mission as a public institution and to develop our vision of the future as an innovative reference within the university system and society.


3. Welcoming and respectful 


We promote the transfer of knowledge and the mobility of ideas and people

We are a benchmark university in training and innovation at an international level, which promotes the transfer of knowledge and the mobility of its community.

We believe in diversity and defend equality

Committed to equality, at Universidade de Vigo the priority is to create spaces where women and men live together in an egalitarian environment and where all gender expressions feel integrated.

We strive for sustainability and respect

With a commitment to the environment and sustainability, the University has an Environmental Office (OMA) and is the first campus in Spain to be awarded the Green Campus banner for its work in environmental management and education.

An inclusive university

Our psycho-pedagogical office offers information, advice and training to students in both personal and academic areas. In addition, we have a mentoring model, which consists of students in the last years of their degree acting as mentors to first year students.


4. Innovative and creative


It is committed to specialisation and quality research

Since its creation, the Universidade de Vigo has been committed to carrying out quality research with international projection, with a strong commitment to specialisation. R&D&I has a positive balance, both in terms of attracting external resources and scientific production.

Transferring knowledge, transforming society

As an institution committed to its socioeconomic environment, the Universidade de Vigo strives to ensure that the results of its research have a positive impact on society and contribute to its development. Through the different formulas of knowledge transfer, the work of the research community leaves the laboratories to collaborate and support the business sector.


5. Effective and transformative


High impact of UVigo spin-offs on society

Universidade de Vigo spin-offs have an important impact both on our institution and society. Here is a list of UVigo spin-offs.

Our commitment to innovation and development

The Transparency Portal includes indicators related to the research activity carried out by the Universidade de Vigo, as well as the transfer of results of this research, R&D&I activity of research staff and research groups, the repository of scientific production and the impact of bibliometric results.

The importance of student internships in companies and institutions

The number of students who carry out curricular and extracurricular internships in local companies is growing every year.