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Imaxe dun técnico de son

The Information Technologies and Communication Department—established in 2004—currently offers several multimedia services on the Internet especially designed for meeting the requirements of the researchers, teachers and students of the Universidade de Vigo. Thus, the body offers educational and institutional contents to the university community. There are three main areas of services depending on the UVigo TV. 

Vídeo on demand/Internet TV

We record and broadcast live congresses, conferences, lectures, thesis defences and cultural and sporting events. We have a wide mobile recording equipment, twelve rooms equipped for the automated audiovisual recording of lessons and a studio for the production of educational content. With more than 13 thousand hours of educational and scientific video, we have one of the largest repositories of this type in the world in Galician and Spanish.

All videos of scientific and educational interest are available in the UVigo-TV digital video library.


and also in the Campus do Mar TV.


Audiovisual colaboration and videconference

The videoconference services and the audiovisual collaboration allow to organise meetings of researchers, exams, tutorials with students or coworking in a document while talking. All of this without having to travel and being in a conference room on campus, in your PC or even in a hotel room or at home. 

We have 35 videoconference rooms of different types where more than 2,000 hours are recorded annually. 

Platform of courses MOOC

MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses) is a platform for the organization of mass open courses on the Internet based on online audiovisual contents. Via this platform and thanks to the E-Learning audiovisual technologies implemented, a wider public can access to these open and free courses and get a broader training. 

MOOC started with the Campus do Mar project and is based on the technology OpenEdX developed by Harvard and MIT.



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UVigo TV
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