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Besides the available information resources, the University Library offers a series of services and spaces to facilitate the usage of these resources, and also the learning, teaching and researching tasks.


Do you want to make a request to purchase a book or another material for the library or to ask for subscription for a journal or database?


  • Teaching and Researching Staff (TRS)

The requests for bibliographical acquisitions by the TRS should be carried out through the application form for the research literature. However, before making a request it should be taken into account that the usage of this application form is restricted to the TRS from the University of Vigo and before making a request it is necessary to consult the Library's online catalogue to avoid duplications. 

In relation to the bibliography requests from the budgets of research projects, PhD programs, or the Departments, it should be taken into account: :

  • In the requests from research projects, it is essential to indicate the official name of the project and the name of the director or the main researcher.
  • In the requests from PhD programs, it is essential to indicate the program's title and the complete name of the coordinator.
  • In the requests from the Departments, it is essential to indicate the complete name of the Department.

To request the purchase of recommended readings by the study guides, you must do it through the recommended bibliography request form.

  • Students and PTGAS (Technical, managerial and administrative & service staff)

Suggestions for the purchase of books or other bibliographic materials should be sent to the following e-mail address 


Order tracking: on average, it takes from one to three weeks for a book published in Spain to arrive, while it takes from three weeks to two months for a foreign book. In both cases, the delivering time depends on availability, distribution, age, etc. of the requested title. 

The Acquisition Section staff is available for any question or explanation about news, suppliers, prices, order status, etc. 

Contact campus of Vigo: Primitiva Blas Sánchez | | 986 813 846

Contact campus of Ourense: Elena Marcos Rodríguez | | 988 387 285

Contact campus of Pontevedra: Marta Gutiérrez Valerio | | 986 802 049


We analyse the scientific production of the members from the University of Vigo and we elaborate bibliometric studies and reports. We also advice the research staff about publishing and scientific dissemination.

What's bibliometrics?

Reports and studies

Impacto: Bibliometric Information Bulletin

Contact: Beatriz Tizón Vázquez | | 986 130 236

Connect to the Library outside the university and get access to all the services and resources.

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Some libraries offer rooms for group work that you can book if you belong to the University community: Experimental Sciences Library (campus of Vigo), Economic and Business Sciences Library (campus of Vigo), Industrial and Mining Engineering Library (campus of Vigo), and Telecommunication Engineering Library (campus of Vigo).

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We offer a selection of resources by topics which will guide you when you are looking for information that you need, as well as guides and tutorials for self-training.

Consult the guides

The interlibrary loan and document delivery services allow the members of the University community and other authorised people, to get books and documents that are not available in our libraries. Besides, they provide existing documents in the University Library to other libraries and institutions outside the University of Vigo. 

Before requesting a document on interlibrary loan, check that it does not appear in our collection. To do this, consult the Library catalogue.  If it is not there, you can make your request.

Application form

Contact: | 986 813 844


Service to borrow books and other materials from the Library that includes the possibility of booking and renewing them. Regulated by the 2022 lending rule, partly in force as far as it does not refer to the lending conditions, for which you should consult their update in this section:

Lending conditions

  • Bachelor's degree students from UVigo and associated centres, seniors program students: 5 works, 14 days, 2 renewals.
  • Teaching and Research Academic Staff from UVigo and associated centres, visiting professors: 40 works, for an indefinite period or until the contract end data
  • Postgraduate students from UVigo and associated centres, people who are preparing their thesis or their Degree Final Project: 10 works, 30 days, 5 renewals. 
  • Contract researchers and visiting professors: 10 works, 120 days (or until the contract end date), 2 renewals.
  • Administration and Services Staff from UVigo: 5 works, 14 days, 5 renewals.
  • Retired Teaching and Research Academic Staff from UVigo: 10 works 30 days, 5 renewals.
  • Retired Administration and Services Staff from UVigo: 5 works, 14 days, 2 renewals.
  • Former students of UVigo: 5 works, 14 days, 2 renewals.
  • External users: 2 works, 7 days, 2 renewals
  • University Services: unlimited number of works for a year, renewable.
  • Research projects: unlimited number of works, indefinite period, responsibility upon the project's owner. 
  • Laboratories: manuals, unlimited number of works, indefinite period, responsibility upon the person in charge of the laboratory. 

Consult Lending Standards

Contact: | 986 813 845


Self-service photocopying machines and scanners are available to the partial reproduction of works with educational and researching purposes, always respecting the conditions that the Copyright Law establishes.

Consult our Copyright Guide

The University Library has agreements with several academic publishers to publish in open access (OA) with discounted or financed publication fees for these articles.

For whom?

  • Authors of the Universidade de Vigo

For what?

  • To have more visibility and more impact.
  • To retain the rights to the works.
  • To publish articles free of charge in open access.
  • To comply with the requirements of funding agencies.


You can check the agreements reached by the Universidade de Vigo in the following University Library guides.


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Need help?

The University Library will handle applications and offer support and advice on the procedure to be followed.

Enquires can be made by e-mail to the following address:

More information

Online reference manager that facilitates the gathering of information and the automatic creation of citations and bibliographies in the academic projects with a standardised style (APA, MLA, etc.)

Refworks (guides)

Refworks (log in)


We offer courses and workshops for you to improve your skills in the access, evaluation, management and usage of information. Our offer covers all the levels: students from undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, teaching and researching staff, and in the in-person, online and blended modes.

Consult Educational Offer

Contact: | 986 813 843




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