My identifier in UVigo

When you arrive at the Universidade de Vigo you will have an identifier, also called user, which you can use as a unique access to most of the services.

This username will be used to identify you both during your time at the University and once you leave the Universidade de Vigo. This identifier consists of two parts:

  • NIU, the university identification number
  • User name, which will coincide with the name of your UVigo email account

Although these parts are connected, currently they still have independent passwords, so depending on the service you want to access or how you want to identify yourself, you will need to know the password associated with the NIU or the password associated with the email account.


Have you just arrived? Surely you can use this little help to get started:

I've just arrived at the UVigo


There is a  website where you can find all the news and manuals punctually updated by the Area of Information and Communication Technologies ATIC, which you can access from here, but below you will find a list of the contents directly related to your Universidade de Vigo identifier:

University Card

Once you have your UVigo ID, you will be able to use your TUI (University Smart Card).

If you install the mobile app, you will have the TUI on your mobile.

Mobile App

Once you access the  Secretariat and your profile is completely initialised you will be able to start using the mobile app.