Companies and institutions cooperation in research

We envisage various forms of collaboration with companies and institutions.

Being aware of the importance of transferring the knowledge generated by our research community to the productive economy, at the University of Vigo we have been collaborating with companies and institutions since our creation. This cooperation takes place in different ways, including research contracts and agreements.

Applied R&D and technological development carried out at universities are increasingly, and necessarily, developed in collaboration with other agents of the innovation system from the earliest stages. Most often these collaborations involve companies.

In this regard, we carry out our R&D&I activities mainly as:

  • Commissioned R&D: a company or organisation commissions the university to carry out an R&D project. The entity proposes the R&D objectives, assumes the risks, pays the cost, and receives the results. The activity is formalised by means of a contract.
  • Collaborative R&D: project participants involve their own resources, share risks and objectives, and distribute the ownership of the results. Collaborative projects are formalised through a partnership agreement or a collaboration agreement.

In both cases, organisations can apply for public aids in order to obtain funding for their R&D&I activities.