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Corporate identity

We are an alive, young, innovative and enterprising body. R&D and new technologies are the basis of our future projection. Also, we are a decentralized, diverse and participative institution. In our three campuses there is a space for the main part of the knowledge fields. We are a body highly connected to the socio-economic fabric of our area of influence. This means an active commitment to the scientific and business thriving of the Galician community. One of our main missions is to set the structural fabric so that the transference of knowledge becomes a fruitful reality. 

The corporate identity gathers the symbols which represent the University in order to achieve an intern unity as well as a coherent, strong and representative external projection of our values—a brand with presence in the environments in which is contextualized.

Goals of the brand Universidade de Vigo

  • Express our values.
  • Facilitate the adaptation to the European Higher Education Area.
  • Extend the perception of the University of Vigo as a driver of change of its socioeconomic context.
  • Become more appealing for our target public—future students.
  • External projection of the institution—place the institution in the higher education context and connect it with the scientific community and with the social and economic agents.
  • Become one of the distinguishing agents compared to the competence.
  • Achieve the intern unity of the university community thanks to an identity symbol which represents our diversity.

Our identity

The current corporate identity of the University was established in October 2008 pursuing an updated transformation in compliance with the new scenario. The European higher education market demands to apply the logic of the territory of brands and understand the image of the University of Vigo as a tangible value of the institution and as a proper vehicle of its values.

From this starting point, the process of settlement of this brand was divided in three parts. Firstly, an international competition in which more than 600 designs came from all around the world. Secondly, it was selected a proposal among 5 studies based on the two winning proposals. Finally, the development of the corporate identity and the applications as well as the production of the Guide of corporate identity.


The use of the logo will be authorised exclusively for the Universidade de Vigo's own purposes. Under no circumstances will it grant the user the right of exclusivity, nor will it allow him/her to appropriate the aforementioned emblem or similar by means of registration or any other procedure. Authorisation will be presumed in the case of its use in activities carried out by members of the university community organised in this institution.

Advice: Image Area

The Image Area aims at advising the university community for the proper use of graphic symbols that represent the institution. Thus would enable to strengthen and clarify the intern communication and project an excellent coherent external image.

Functions of the Image Area:

  • To manage the symbols, logos and elements of corporate identity of the University of Vigo and its faculties and schools. 
  • To advice the university community, advertising agencies, printing presses and other agencies when making graphic material so as to guarantee that it follows the graphic style and the objectives of the institution, and thus strengthen its image. 
  • To design and lay out the graphic and promotional materials of the university's institutional campaigns. 
  • To supervise the development of graphic and advertising works in which the university has a presence. 


To help you develop your daily activities, we offer a variety of resources in institutional format:

The models and tips needed for this edition can also be requested from Imaxe by e-mail or by phone +34 986 813 411.

There are various corporate funds recommended for our educational and divulgative videos produced within the institution. They are organised in four carpets, one for each campus and one for each type of campus, with neutral backgrounds to be used in a common way. In general, backgrounds with cool colours (azul añil) and neutral colours (grey) work best as backgrounds.

  • Ourense Campus: 1 |  2 | 3 | 4
  • Pontevedra Campus: 1 | 2 | 3
  • Vigo Campus: 1 | 2 | 3
  • General: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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In the following link you can download the gifs of our mascot Oli:

Below you can download the corporate video Somos a Universidade de Vigo in different languages.

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