Undergraduates registration

Universidade de Vigo undergraduate studies  2021/2022


Registration for the first time

Once you are admitted to start studying a degree at the Universidade de Vigo, you should check the registration deadlines and do the paperwork at the following link:


Initiate studies under the vacancy procedure

Deadline: 1 to 30 September

Place: at the sede electrónica


Continuing your studies

If you continue your studies at the Universidade de Vigo, you will have to do the paperwork through your virtual secretary's office from August 30th to September 15th:




  • If for any reason you are unable to register virtually, you will have to go to the student secretary's office of the faculty or school where you are going to study within the registration period.
  • In the registration section entitled "Exemptions" you must mark all the discounts to which you are entitled according to your situation. If at the time of registration you do not want to mark them, you should go to the Study Aids Service, Grants and Public Prices of the Universidade de Vigo, which will settle your case in accordance with the current regulations.
  • If at the time of registration you have already applied for the Ministry of Education or the País Vasco scholarship (or you intend to apply for it), you will have to mark the option " Grantee" in the exemptions section. This will freeze the payment of the registration fee until the resolution of the scholarship or until it is verified that you meet the necessary requirements to apply for it.
  • Once you have completed your registration, you will have to pay the corresponding amount and submit a series of documents by the deadline indicated in the call for applications. Failure to pay or submit these documents will not result in the cancellation of your registration, but will result in the temporary suspension of your rights as a student and the archiving of your registration (this will not affect your stay and will not prevent you from taking part in the assessment tests). It will also entail the payment of a penalty.
  • Rules for permanence
  • Accreditation of B1 level of competence in English language required, as from the academic year 2018/2019, for students entering for the first time to the following degrees:

    Industrial Electronics and Automation Engineering
    Industrial Management Engineering
    Industrial Chemistry Engineering
    Industrial Technologies Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Biomedical Engineering

If you do not have this level of competence when you start the degree, you can obtain it during the degree. The deadline for its justification will be the date of submission of the TFG defence application.

There are several options for carrying out the procedures and submitting applications and documentation:

By telematics

To access, you must have a unique identification number (NIU). If you are a new student, you will automatically receive a NIU at the end of your registration. You can recover your access data in the secretary's office, in the following link: https://secretaria.uvigo.gal/uvigo.sv/ 

In relation to the procedure for the presentation of applications for remaining places and due to the need to urgently resolve the procedure for the allocation of places so as not to delay the incorporation of students to degree studies, it will be necessary to record the electronic registration as this will be the means of communication of the procedure.


For those who, due to exceptional circumstances, are unable to carry out any of the above procedures, it will be necessary to request an appointment in advance.

  • Vigo Campus Registration Assistance Office (Management and Central Services - Vigo Campus)
  • Registration assistance office of the Vigo Campus ( Annex building Escola de Enxeñaría Industrial. Rúa de Torrecedeira, 86)
  • Ourense Campus Registry Office ( Administrative Building - As Lagoas)
  • Registration assistance office of the Pontevedra campus (Escola Enxeñaría Forestal - A Xunqueira)

When the presentation of the application or the procedure to be carried out implies the need to make a simultaneous assessment of the academic record and/or the choice of a specific option:

  • Exclusively in the administrative units of the Learning Centre

Students who pass the entrance exam at Universidade de Vigo and wish to start their studies at another university must request the transfer of their transcript.

Click on the following link to access information about the procedure to follow:

  • For a degree at the Universidade de Vigo

Are you registered in a degree at Universidade de Vigo and want to transfer to another degree at the same university? If you have already been admitted to the new degree, when you formalise your registration, you will receive a message stating that you wish to transfer your transcript in order to be able to carry out your registration.

  • For a degree from another university

Will you be admitted to a degree programme at another university? In this case, you must request the transfer of your transcript to the administrative unit of the degree area of the school or faculty in which you were registered. You must present the letter of admission to another university and pay the public fees at your home university.


Further information:

Degree Studies Management Service
Exeria Building
As Lagoas, Marcosende
36310 Vigo
+34 986 813 607 | 986 813 609