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Spin-offs catalogue

The hereby companies were promoted by the UVigo’s research staff and have enabled the transfer of research results to market as well as created added value for society.


Logotipo da spin-off Aguas de Rodas
Logotipo da spin-off Alen Space

Aguas de Rodas
Characterisation and collection of deep seawater from the Atlantic Islands National Park area for various human consumption uses.

Alén Space
Consultancy, design, manufacture and operation of small satellites. Turnkey solutions for businesses in space.

Logotipo da spin-off Ancora Mobile
Logotipo da spin-off Blue Structure

Ancora Mobile 
Worker-oriented technology and digital transformation as main competitivity asset in Industry 4.0.

Blue Structure Oceanic, SL
Manufacture and set up of artificial structures in marine environments promoting the recovery of degraded areas and the protective function of ecosystems.

Logotipo da spin-off CEO2 Green
Logotipo da spin-off Circadian_catD

Ceo2 green, SL
A response to the need for constant technological development in the fields of renewable energies, heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration.

Circadian Ambulatory Technology & Diagnostics, SL
A pursue for improved individual and population health through proper diagnosis of true hypertension and toward reducing the burden of cardiovascular, metabolic and renal disease.

Logotipo da spin-off Codelab17
Logotipo da spin-off Coderiam

Analysis, design and development of fullstack solutions for companies mainly in the energy sector.

CoderIAm, SL 
Innovative and time-efficient ideas for machine control. Microprogrammes optimisation for machinery and design of ad hoc electronics.

Logotipo da spin-off EM3_works
Logotipo da spin-off Energio Advance

Engineering activities related to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), interference (EMI) and radiation levels (RADHAZ).

Energio Advance
Technology and engineering products development in the field of energy efficiency. Provision of scientific advice and technical assistance.

Logotipo da spin-off Ephytec
Logotipo da spin-off ERH Ilumnia

Environmental physics technologies
Solutions in the field of maritime and civil engineering, renewable energies, environmental studies and climate change effects. Development of fluids simulation software.

Erh Illumnia
Development of energy-saving LED bulbs and implementation of advanced optics projects.

Logotipo da spin-off Gassport
Logotipo da spin-off Geodem

Global Applications and Solutions for Sports 
Technical and service consultancy for physical training and commercialisation of computer tools for sports activities.

Development of activities related to environmental and natural resources engineering. Its aims include contributing to sustainable development.

Logotipo da spin-off Hercules Control

Logotipo da spin-off Hydrosphere

Solutions to the technological demands of the maritime sector in the field of hydrography.

Company dedicated to the taxonomic identification of benthic species, sample collection, R&D projects, consultancy and dissemination.

Logotipo da spin-off Imatia
Logotipo da spin-off Inbiogal

Software products and services to help businesses and governments around the world increase their productivity, doing more in less time.

Assistance in the design and development of biochemical or genetic studies. Specialised training and advice in biochemistry and molecular biology.

Logotipo da spin-off Infibox
Logotipo da spin-off Insitu

Development of ICT services and solutions for hospitals, both for patients and professionals.

Ingeniería insitu, SL
Technology-based company oriented to engineering and architecture. Created in 2008 by the Applied Geotechnologies Group.

Logotipo da spin-off IOT Partners

Logotipo da spin-off Mycogalicia

IOT Partners
Creation of new products and services based on the latest technological trends in sectors with high digitalisation potential.

Improvement of forestry status by enhancing rural development: mycology, botany and other environment related fields.

Logotipo da spin-off Nanofaber

Logotipo da spin-off Nanoinmunotech

One-stop provider for the procurement of advanced materials, nanotechnologies, engineering and innovation services for the healthcare, energy, manufacturing and sustainability sectors.

Bioconjugation and nanometric systems based on biosensors to improve people's quality of life.

Logotipo da spin-off Peloides
Logotipo da spin-off Planesga

Peloides Termales
Consultancy on the production, use and properties of tailor-made peloids, both for therapeutic and cosmetic applications, with a focus on serving the thermal sector.

Specialised consultancy in the evaluation of territorial processes, territorial management and information systems.

Logotipo da spin-off Energio Research

Logotipo da spin-off Quantum

Energio Research
Development, production and marketing of mechanics-based products.

Quantum innovative
Specialists in advanced mechanical engineering solutions, applying technologies and valuing the knowledge acquired through university.

Logotipo da spin-off Reyeleble
Logotipo da spin-off Social Wire

Specialists in digital image processing, applying artificial intelligence algorithms to extract business-useful information.

Unmanned Galicia
Design and test of different smart payloads and methods for several inspections carried out with UAVs, such as infrastructure inspection based on contact sensors, solar installations inspections and other remote sensing tasks with UAVs.

Logotipo da spin-off Sound of Numbers

Logotipo da spin-off  Vixia System

Spin-off company established in 2008 for the development of acoustic engineering tools.

Vixia System, SL
Visualisation and evaluation systems for environmental variables, geographic information systems, resource management models and sampling processes automation.


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