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According to the actions for quality improvement provided by the Galician university system financing plan 206-2020, the University of Vigo has created this specific space in the institutional web site to offer our community members and society public information on undergraduate and masters dissertations defended in our institution.

Hereinto we present you a tool that will allow you to search by center, by year of defense or by word and discover the following data of each work: title, date of defense, director, tribunal members, faculty or school, content abstract and key words. 

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An undergraduate dissertation is a personal assessment that each student performs autonomously under the centre mentoring and which should show the acquisition of the skills and contents associated with the degree. It cannot be in any case a previously presented assessment in any subject of the degree, even though it might integrate or develop working lines started during any stage of the degree.

Hereunder we provide you with the University of Vigos's specific regulatory information which works as regulation for undergraduate and masters dissertations. Their goal is to unify the procedures that facilitate their development and their administrative management; try to keep their integration in the structure of teaching, based on the particular characteristics the project has within the subjects of the degree; and guarantee the students that the elaboration, defense and evaluation of their dissertation can properly develop:

Advice and training

The Linguistic Normalization Area provides the students with a guide to improve the linguistic quality in written Galician on undergraduate and masters dissertations. This guide is made up of different sections: linguistic observations; solutions to recurrent errors; keys to improve your dissertation; linguistic criteria adopted by the Universidade de Vigo; computer resources and tools; didactic material elaborated by the Area of Linguistic Normalization and annexes that solve, through lists of terms, questions related to abbreviations, diacritical accent, foreign words, acronyms, the periodic table of elements and abstract and generic and collective terms referred inclusive language:

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