Un alumno e unha alumna procedentes de Asia diante dunha pancarta que pon Welcome


The university must open up by attracting foreign students and integrating into international networks, strategic consortia and knowledge alliances to enhance our capacities together with our partners inside and outside the European Union. To do so, it must attract the best partners in education and research, obtain accreditations that will give it international recognition and have a relevant presence, through its students and staff, on campuses abroad.

To this end, we must progress in our multicultural dimension and welcome students from different origins, motivate our students and staff to develop part of their university careers in other countries, provide part of the teaching in languages other than Spanish and Galician, achieve international prestige for the excellence of our educational offer and our research and transfer capacity, and develop double and joint degrees with foreign universities of international excellence.
In short, the Universidade de Vigo must make international cooperation and mobility central elements of its institutional policy.