Activities and competitions

We have an extensive catalogue of activities and competitions to choose from, for both members and people who don't regularly use the sports facilities.

Actividades e competicións
  • Fitness classes: people with a mUVer membership or with a one-off booking can enjoy several fitness classes on each campus for free: functional training, yoga, jiu-jitsu, HIIT, pilates, dance fitness, ciclo indoor...… there's a wide range of activities to choose from!
  • Sports schools: our aim is to offer the university community closer to several sports that have previously not been available to them. We want to introduce healthy sports habits, far from the traditional practices of competitive sports.
  • Cultural routes: we organize trekking routes throughout Galicia, involving hiking, nature and culture. You will have the chance to just walk and learn while having fun.
  • Internal leagues and championships: Every year, the University of Vigo organizes a series of internal competitions, individually and in teams, in which everybody from the university community can participate.
  • Galician University championships: the three Galician universities organize, within their conjoined activities programme, the Galician University championships that take place every year in February, March and April.
  • Spanish University championships: the High Council of Sports conveys the Spanish University Championships in a wide variety of sports categories on an annual basis. Degree students, master’s students or PhD students must integrate the teams of each university.
  • International championships: The University of Vigo participates in the Galician-Portuguese Games alongside three other Galician and North-Portuguese universities annually. Besides, our university occasionally participates in the European University Championships (EUC) and the World University Championships (WUC).
  • Federated sports: The university community has the chance to practice federated sports, either in any of the university teams or through any of the collaborating entities.
  • Collaborating sports centres and entities: If you are a part of Uvigo, you have a wide variety of different sports centres at your disposal that offer reduced prices and special offers to the university community.


Also, remember that you can obtain an academic recognition by practising sports at university, and you can validate up to 6 credits ECTS in your record. Check the information of the activities that grant a right to credit recognition in the next link: recognition of ECTS credits for University Extension activities.


You can access the following link where you will find a detailed report of the events and activities implemented in the field of sport and health since the 2010/2011 academic year:

For more information, you can reach out to:

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Ourense Campus
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Pontevedra Campus
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