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The International Relations Office (ORI) is responsible for the university community mobility

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National mobility

National mobility (SICUE program) for students of the different Spanish universities with which a bilateral agreement has been signed according to the CRUE’s regulations. 

International mobility

International mobility for all the sectors of the university community (students, PDI and PAS - outcoming) and for all the sectors of foreign universities (incoming) with which the University of Vigo has signed an agreement.

Do you want to come and study at the University of Vigo?

Vigo Campus

Ourense Campus

  • Higher Technical School of Computer Engineering
    Alma María Gómez Rodríguez
    +34 988 387 030

  • Faculty of Education Sciences
    Xosé Manuel Cid
    +34 988 387 129

  • Faculty of Business Sciences & Tourism
    Marcos Álvarez García (outgoing students)
    Elena de Prada Creo (incoming students)
    +34 986 813 523
    +34 988 368 726

  • Faculty of Science
    Julia Carballo Rodríguez
    +34 988 387 068

  • Faculty of Law
    María Belén Sánchez Ramos
    +34 988 368 839

  • Faculty of History
    Susana Reboreda Morillo
    +34 988 387 269

  • University School of Nursing
    Ana Rodríguez Carbajales
    +34 988 385 458

  • School of Aeronautics and Space Engineering
    M.ª de las Nieves Lorenzo González
    +34 988 387 329

Pontevedra Campus

At the UVigo faculties and schools have their own academic coordinator, who is responsible for subject-specific matters. Please, refer to the coordinator of your faculty or school (the one where you are going to study the majority of courses) for the signature of the Learning Agreement and all academic questions.


Further information:

International Relations Office
Edificio Miralles
As Lagoas, Marcosende
+34 986 818 727