Unha estudante mira desde a xanela do seu cuarto na residencia O Castro

Accommodation in Vigo

The University of Vigo has a hall of residence located on the campus As Lagoas, Marcosende

Where to stay?

Own centres and state assisted centres

The hall of residence has the most modern facilities and services available for you to study at your pace while developing your career. It is located on Vigo Campus, just two minute walking from the shopping area and the Rector's office.

Other halls of residence

There are other halls of residence for students in the city of Vigo which, although they do not belong to the University, they are also available for students.

Other type of accommodations 

Clicking on the following link you get access to offers of other type of accommodation such as rental flats, shared flats or accommodation with host families.

Vacancies and housing aids 

Both the vacancies in own university residences and the general aids for accommodation are convened annually. You can check in the search engine if you have any active call from which you can benefit and, if you have any question, you can contact the Study Aid Service, Grants and Public Rates sending an email to bolsas@uvigo.es or phoning: + 34 986 813 611 and +34 986 813 612. 

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For further information, you can contact the Students Information Service (SIE):

Vigo Campus
+34 986 813 630

Ourense Campus
+34 988 387 102

Pontevedra Campus
+34 986 801 949
+34 986 801 955