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In the Universidade de Vigo we have a wide variety of studies organized in different knowledge areas. You can discover them in the undergraduate studies searcher, in which you will find all the relevant information (number of vacants, professional outlets, cut-off mark, prices, etc.) and in which you will be able to research by knowledge area or by campus: 



Do you know the areas of knowledge in which university degrees are aclassified? In the following lines we explain you which are those areas of knowledge and what are they about. 

  • Arts and Humanities

    Baccalaureate in Humanities and Social Sciences. These studies can be classified generically as artistic or cultural manifestations of all kind. It includes degrees such as Fine Arts. History, Phililogy or Translation and Interpreting, among others. (10 degrees)
  • Social and Legal Sciences

    Baccalaureate in Humanities and Social Sciences. Generally. We could say this brach focuses on communication, human relations, economics and law. Students of this area are usually interested on social, economic and politic issues. They have good social abilities and communication qualities. For the aconomics related degrees it is necessary to have a good mathematics base. (24 degrees)
  • Sciences

    Baccalaureate in Sciences and Technologies. The studies on this branch are linked to what we reffer to as pure sciences. They seek for precise results, with conclusions that have to be validated in physical reality and organised with mathematics language. The degrees offered in the UVigo on this area of knowledge are Biology, Chemistry or Marine Sciences, among others. (5 degrees)
  • Health Sciences

    Baccalaureate inSciences and Technologies. Ensemble of disciplines that can put forward the adequate knowledge to prevent or erradicate disesases and help people's wellbeing. In this branch we offer Nursery and Physiotherapy. (5 degrees)
  • Engineering and Architecture

    Baccalaureate in Sciences and Technologies. These studies apply scientific knowledge into invention, design, perfection and setting up of new procedures in the industry and other scientific fields of application. Industrial, Mining, Energy, Forestry or Telecommunications Engeneering, among other degrees, make these family in the UVigo. (16 degrees)


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