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International exchange programs


The Erasmus+ Program offers the opportunity to carry out temporary training activities (STT) in an educational center with countries with which agreements have been signed in Europe or with institutions from non-EU countries: Erasmus+ KA131 and Erasmus+ KA 171.

This opportunity is available to all Administration and Services Personnel (PAS) of the Universidade de Vigo. These experiences and exchanges contribute to improving linguistic skills and cultural knowledge of the destination country as well as offering a new perspective on the work of other higher education institutions.

More information about the Erasmus+ program:

  • Spanish Service for the Internationalization of Education (SEPIE)                                            

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The Administrative and Services Staff of the UVigo who wish to carry out mobility abroad may do so in the STT modality of the Erasmus+ program.

In each calendar year you may take a maximum of 15 calendar days of leave to attend exchange and international mobility programs.

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The Erasmus+ KA171 program allows mobility in a higher educational institution in non-EU countries.

The places and opportunities available vary according to each call.

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Blended Intensive Programs (BIPs) are short-term intensive programs, which are part of the new Erasmus+ 2021/2027 Program and use innovative learning and teaching methods, including online collaborative work.

By enabling new and more flexible mobility formats that combine physical mobility with a virtual component, intensive blended programs aim to reach all types of participants, from any background, field of study and cycle.

Each Erasmus+ BIP is organized by a group of at least 3 universities from 3 different countries.

In this case, the UVigo staff can participate in combined training stays (STT) and also has the opportunity to present a proposal to coordinate a BIP with other universities.

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Other programs

The Stella program offers the possibility of professional and intercontinental mobility to the administration and services staff of the partner universities of the Compostela Group of Universities (GCU) and the Consortium for Collaboration in Higher Education in North America (CONAHEC). It is an opportunity to learn how to work in the different departments of the universities participating in the program and to live a multicultural experience, through temporary stays in other higher education institutions.

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The main objective of the Iacobus program is to promote cooperation and exchange between the human resources of higher education centers in the Galicia-Northern Portugal Euroregion (teachers, research staff, administrative and service staff), facilitating the sharing of training, research and dissemination activities.

This Euroregion initiative is a pioneer in Europe and the GNP, EGTC is its managing entity.


International weeks

You can find below the information about the international weeks of our partners institutions. You can also access the staff week searcher.

Event Organization Dates For Application Contact
International Week 2024 Haute École Charlemagne
March 18th-22nd, 2024 Researchers and staff Form
by December 15th, 2023
18th International Week Universidade Europeia, IADE-UE, IPAMPortugal March 4th-8th, 2024 Researchers and IRO staff Form
by December 2023
International Academic Week (IAW2024) EKA (Ekonomickas un Kultüras Augstskola)
April 22nd-26th, 2024 Researchers and staff Form e-mail
Savonia International Week  Savonia University of Applied Sciences 
February, 19th-22nd, 2024 Researchers and staff Form
by January 26th, 2024


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