Alumna internacional na Universidade de Vigo

Incoming students

The Universidade de Vigo offers diverse possibilities to international incoming students, such as national and international exchange students, visiting students or full degree students:

National programmes


The Spanish Universities Exchange System (SICUE) permits students to study for a semester or a full year at another Spanish university, as a recognised period of study, in accordance with agreements signed. The call for applications is published in February each year.

The number of seats offered by the Universidade de Vigo within the framework of the SICUE programme, as well as the number and conditions of internships and final degree projects (TFG), are shown below:


For further information, contact:
+34 986 81 35 92


International programmes

Exchange students


If you wish to come to UVigo as an exchange student, you should first verify whether there is an exchange agreement between UVigo and your home university for your field of study. Your home university must then send us your nomination, confirming that you have been granted Erasmus or other international mobility programme studentship.

Application procedure

After receiving your nomination, the International Relations Office will check whether nomination is acceptable in accordance with the bilateral agreement. If accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the link to an online application form which must be duly filled in and submitted, attaching the documents required.

Incoming mobility portal


Bachelor degree students

  • Identity card or passport. 
  • A letter issued by your home university confirming your status as a UVigo exchange student. 
  • European Health Card or private health insurance to cover the entire length of your exchange period. 

Master's or PhD students

  • Identity card or passport. 
  • A letter issued by your home university confirming your status as a UVigo exchange student. 
  • European Health Card or private health insurance to cover the entire length of your exchange period.
  • Updated transcript or degree certificate of your bachelor's studies that show you've passed a minimum of 180 ECTS credits.


Please comply with the deadline for applications, as late applications will not be accepted.

1st semester / fall semester or full academic year students: from 31st March to 16th June

2nd semester / spring semester students: from 31st August to 31st Octobre

The IRO will send you a welcome email with our digitally signed acceptance letter after receiving and checking your online application form and the attached documents.


Welcome days and Spanish level test

The new course starts in the first week of September which is when we will welcome all incoming international students starting a new stage with us.

Look out for event details on your campus and remember that you are also required to take the Spanish level test.

Download the Incoming student's handbook


The international students' exchange program office at the home university should fill in the following online form with information of each nominated student.

•    Nominations sent by email or post will not be accepted. 
•    Only nominations sent by a nominating International Relations Office or a nominating university staff member at the student's home university will be accepted.

Should you have any doubt with the online nomination form, do contact us at


Nomination dates

1st semester / fall semester or full academic year students: from 15th March to 31st May

2nd semester / spring semester students: from 1st August to 15th October

The International Relations Office will first check the nominations received to see if they are acceptable in accordance with the bilateral agreement and then send accepted students an e-mail with the instructions on how to fill in the online application form.

Download our information sheet


All UVigo faculties have their own academic coordinator, who is responsible for subject-specific matters. Please, contact to the academic coordinator of your faculty (the one where you are going to study most courses) for signature of the Learning Agreement and all related academic issues.

Learning Agreement and other academic issues

The Learning Agreement (LA) is the academic document that contains the equivalence of courses or credits you take abroad, that will then be recognized by your home institution.

  • Make sure that your Learning Agreement is signed by your home university and yourself before emailing it to the academic coordinator of your UVigo faculty or school
  • Please do not send the original version of the Learning Agreement (from your home university) by post or email to the International Relations Office.

Note: only the academic coordinators (from host and home institutions) are authorized to sign LAs.


Please take a look at our academic offer and complete your Learning Agreement with the chosen courses. You might also be interested in our academic offer in English, You might also be interested in our academic offer in English, for which you need to browse through the catalogue of subjects taught in this language filtered by academic year, semester, faculty, or school.

Go to course descriptions

The University also offers a program of English Friendly subjects. These are subjects taught in Spanish and/or Galician in the Universidade de Vigo's official degrees, where teachers are committed to:

  • Highlight the English Friendly nature in the course descriptions 
  • Translate the course descriptions into English 
  • Provide materials and references in English if requested by the international student 
  • Speak in English during tutorships when requested by the international student 
  • Design and write tests in English if requested by the international student.

English Friendly subjects

You should also read the information in the following links:

You must choose courses taught at the faculty or school indicated as "reference centre" in your acceptance letter. When choosing subjects, it is important that you check that they are taught in the period corresponding to your stay:

  • 1 C = 1st semester (from September to January)
  • 2 C = 2nd semester (from February to June)

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application, after submitting the duly completed online application form.


Description of the rating system:

  • Distinction (10)
  • V. Good (9-9.9)
  • Good (7-8.9)
  • Pass (5-6.9)
  • Fail (0-4.9)
  • Not attended (Absent)
ECTS % of students successfully achieving the grade Description
A 10 EXCELLENT - outstanding performance with only minor errors
B 25 VERY GOOD - above the average standard but with some errors
C 30 GOOD - generally sound work with a number of notable errors
D 25 SATISFACTORY - fair but significant shortcomings
E 10 SUFFICIENT - performance meets the minimum criteria
FX - FAIL - some more work required before the credit can be awarded
F - FAIL - considerable further work is required




Doing an Erasmus+ traineeship abroad permits you to do a work experience placement, as part of your degree program.

If you wish to do an internship in one of UVigo's departments or laboratories, you should first reach an agreement with your tutor (traineeship coordinator) regarding the exact dates of your traineeship.

Each UVigo faculty has its own academic coordinator. Please, contact the coordinator in the faculty that best relates to your field of interest, to help you find a tutor.

The International Relations Office also offers internship opportunities. If interested, kindly contact us to study possibility on the proposed dates.

How to apply?

Once this agreement between you and your traineeship coordinator has been reached, you will need to provide the following documents, along with the online application form:

  • Copy of ID card / Passport
  • Learning Agreement for Traineeships duly filled in and signed by the student, the academic tutor in the student's home institution and the person responsible for the department or service at the Universidade de Vigo in which the internships are to take place. The exact dates of your stay period should be indicated (day/month/year - day/month/year). 
  • Proof of having contracted a valid insurance in Spain with health, accident and repatriation insurance cover in Spain.

You can submit your application at any time. There are no deadlines.


After receiving and checking your application and attached documentation, the International Relations Office (ORI) of the UVigo will send you a welcome email with an attached Acceptance Letter.



Visiting students

If your home university does not have an exchange agreement with the Universidade de Vigo and you would still like to study at UVigo for a term or a whole academic year, then you can do so by applying as a visiting international student.

This programme allows you to enrol in different courses without obtaining a degree certificate, but you will receive a Transcript of Records at the end of your stay. You can use the transcript to request validation of the courses taken at Uvigo, upon your return to the home university.

Tuition and admission fees

As a visiting international student, you will be paying:

  • UVigo's tuition fees according to the number of credits you have enroled for. These rates are established annually by the regional government (Xunta de Galicia). You must check the academic fees applicable in your case
  • Administration fees
  • An extra administration fee of 400 € for one semester or 800 € for the full academic year.

Note: Tuition and administration fees are paid in just the one payment at the beginning of the academic year.


Application process

Students should submit the following documents:

  • Application form: before fill in the form, please contact
  • Motivation letter in Spanish or Galician
  • Photocopy of valid ID card or passport 
  • Certificate stating Spanish or Galician language skills
  • Updated transcript of records for university studies 
  • Proof of purchasing a health insurance policy valid in Spain 
  • Authorisation from the home university


Application deadlines

  • For the whole academic year (September-July) or only the first term (September-January): before 31st May of the current year.
  • For the second term (February-July): before 15th October of the previous year.

The International Relations Office will notify the student if he/she is admitted as soon as the student is accepted at the centre where he/she wishes to enrol and will receive a Letter of Acceptance issued by the International Relations Office in order to apply for a visa.



Visiting students will be able to enrol for a maximum period of one academic year. They can do so for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 60 ECTS credits.

Students can enrol for any of the courses offered at the UVigo. However, access to some courses may be restricted or even excluded due to their specific characteristics or because they are taught in small groups.

Student must have an adequate threshold study level equivalent to that required for registration at the courses they want to study.


Further information:

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