Estudiar en Ourense

Study in Ourense

On the Ourense campus there are currently 16 degrees, 14 university master's degrees and 7 doctoral programmes in a total of eight centres, covering all areas of knowledge.

It is worth noting that this Campus offers simultaneous studies between the Law Degree and the Business Administration Degree, the Computer Science Degree and the Business Administration Degree, and the Tourism Degree and the Geography and History Degree, which makes it unique within the Galician university system.




Joint programmes (double degrees)


Master's degrees


Doctoral programmes


University programme for seniors

Within the general framework of the training programmes of the open training classrooms of the Universidade de Vigo, the Seniors Programme is developed: a scientific-cultural development project aimed at promoting science and culture among senior citizens, whether they have a degree or not, at the same time as promoting inter-relationships.



For further information, please contact the Community Services Department of the Ourense Campus.
+34 988 387 102